Glendon student? Absolutely! Employee? Why Not?

Heading off to Glendon certainly means a lot of studying, writing essays, making friends and study partners, looking for clubs and extra-curricular activities, hanging out in Lunik Co-op Café or the Breezeway, and maybe relaxing in your residence room. And for all of students, going to university means buying books, snacks for late-night cramming sessions, and lots of coffee. The problem is that these things cost money, so many of us have to schedule in another important aspect of student life: A JOB.                                                 

Student life isn’t usually as
stressful as stock photos
make it seem
     Fortunately for Glendon students, there is a plethora of jobs available to you, not only on our beautiful campus, but also at Keele campus as well. Whatever floats your boat! (rather, what fits best into your schedule and the kind of work you may like to do)
     Many students choose to get jobs off-campus as well. This is totally cool! If you have connections at a business or office already, then take advantage absolutely– it is not an easy world to find a job! However, there are some awesome perks to enjoy by working on campus at Glendon as well that I’ll be going over.
     Working on campus can mean a lot of different advantages for students, especially for students who may happen to be living on campus as well. 
 So, why don’t we go over some of the awesomeness that is being employed on campus?

    • Convenience! Of course working on campus is totally the most convenient place to have a job. Think about the benefit! Let me paint a picture, shall I? You get out of class at 3 on Tuesday, and you have a shift at work that begins at 3:30 but you really need to have a word with your professor about that, well, less-than-cool-beans paper you just got back. This is no time to be worrying about the bus schedule! But working on campus can take any commute and turn it into a breezy 5 minute walk. (And bonus: if you live on campus, you’ll always be a stone’s throw away from your bed after a long day of classes and work!)
    • Special treatment? Any department or office that employs students on campus totally understands us. We’re STUDENTS! And students first and foremost, so they can be really helpful and lenient when it comes to scheduling hours. Believe me, this type of understanding is PARAMOUNT when it’s exam time and you’re stressed out! This kind of deal is pretty special, and cannot always be found at jobs where scheduling is tight and there’s no one to cover for you.
“You wanna go where everybody
knows your name…”

seems to come to mind..
  • Atmosphere… Yes! As you know, Glendon isn’t a huge campus, and you are definitely not anonymous when you study here (a good thing!), so why not take advantage of this fact not just in your studies but in your work too? You see, working on-campus can mean that you are working with your peers or maybe providing services to your peers. This will make going to work on a rainy day sooo much easier! The close-knit community we have here means not having strangers being rude to you or unwelcoming coworkers. Chances are, you’ll find most of the folks you work with on a daily basis to be familiar faces! 
      Until next time, please check out Glendon Counselling and Disability Services on Facebook and Twitter! Glendon CDS is an awesome office that helps students with building academic skills, job-searching and resumé building, finding job postings at York University, and preparing for job interviews, as well as offering personal and career counselling as well as services for people with any sort of disabilities. Make sure to check them out!

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2 Responses to Glendon student? Absolutely! Employee? Why Not?

  1. Esther Phua says:

    LOL to "Student life isn't usually as stressful as stock photos make it seem." Totally agreed with the "special treatment" section as well!

  2. MIchelle says:

    Can't wait for part two! 🙂

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