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Greetings from the Lion’s Den! Yes, you read that correctly, this blog post is coming at you from our brand new student life welcome centre for incoming students. I’m here, along with my co-coordinator Ilya to welcome you on your “first day” as a Glendon student. I’ll be blogging weekly to keep you updated on what’s good in the Den and post some frequently asked questions and pertinent information! But first, a little bit about what the space is all about and what to expect when you drop by!

Frosh Week is an awesome way to meet new friends!

So, you’ve accepted your offer, you’re ready to choose your classes, but what if you’re unsure on how to sign up for orientation, or to join a club, or find out about awesome on-campus services, housing, or jobs?!?

Glendon mascot, Richard!

That’s why we’re here! Your one-stop shop for everything Glendon that you need to know. Basically, when you come in for your Enrollment Appointment anytime between now and the end of the summer, you’ll drop by the Den afterwards. Picking your classes can be a bit tiring, so it’s good to drop in with us to relax, talk about your plans, and learn about the OTHER aspects of being a student, besides the academic portion. You’ll get your photo taken and be issued your student card. You’ll also be invited to fill out an online form to get more information about our various student clubs and organizations, our intramural sports program, and our 3 major orientation programs : Frosh Week, Jumpstart, and the Peer Mentorship Program.

The space is filled with brochures, information sheets, and our awesome team to get you informed on all matters. From international opportunities (exchanges, internships) to residence life. From counseling and academic support services to the athletic classes and opportunities at the on-campus gym. From figuring out your financial needs and services available to instructions for commuting to campus efficiently. We have it all!

Our current space, featuring the awesome Sophie!

Make sure to tweet us and join in the discussion with other incoming Glendonites in our group. Also, we have created a website with most everything you would need to know. AND anytime you need some guidance or a question answered, you can use the Formspring on our Lion’s Den website, my blog, OR any other eAmbassador Blog, OR send us an email.

Drop us a line anytime, and hope you have a great day!

P.S. We got some questions on Pro Tem, our bilingual student newspaper the other day. Feel free to check out their site here.
Also, if you’re wondering what to do about having a small refrigerator in residence, you do have the option of bringing one from home, or you can rent one!

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