A little of this, A little of that…

Greetings from the Lion’s Den! It looks like we’re finally going to see some much anticipated summer weather coming in shortly, which is pretty awesome sauce.

If you checked out last week’s post, it was very much an introduction to what we’re doing here in the Den and how we’re looking to make sure the transition into Glendon as smooth as possible. Today I wanted to go over some hit posts from my fellow eAmbassadors on other aspects of student life. Basically, this is a blog post version of a sample of the Lion’s Den information!

Now, perhaps I’m being presumptuous about whomever may be reading this, however if you are not quite yet an incoming student, you may want to check out Chloé’s post on navigating the application process into university!

Now, a big part of coming to the Lion’s Den involves learning about and signing up for clubs and organizations. We get you started on this early so that you can come to Glendon on your first day already knowing what sort of extra-curricular activities you’ll be doing throughout the year! Laura blogged some fantastic organization spotlights to give you insight on some ways to get involved creatively with Pro Tem, the student newspaper, Radio Glendon, and with the Glendon chapter of the World University Service of Canada. And if you’re looking to maybe get involved doing some volunteer work, or have an interest in sustainability, or if you’re simply a coffee ADDICT like myself, check out Esther and Juan‘s posts on our very own Lunik Coop Café.

Like myself, many students are also planning to live on residence in first year, which is why it may be a great idea to check out Laura’s Top Five for things to bring to residence! Of course, there’s plenty more you may need, but these are those handy extras to make living in residence just that much more comfortable.

And regardless of whether you’re in residence or not, a very common question from incoming students lately has been: Is there anywhere to GO around here? Well, yes, there is! Toronto provides a HUGE variety of things to do and see and eat! Not that I need to tell you that of course. But check out Juan’s post on why he loved coming to the big city, and then for a look a little closer to our Glendon home, Laura wrote about some great places to eat nearby!

De plus, je veux vous recommander un de mes blogs préférés de Francette! Elle décrit notre beau campus et comment c’est un rêve pour nous d’avoir la chance d’étudier ici! Les photos qu’elle a choisies sont incroyables, alors n’oubliez pas de le voir,, even if you don’t read French!

That’s all for today folks! But feel free to send a tweet, ask a question, and check out the website!

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