To build a home…

Greetings from the Lion’s Den
      I must apologize for the blogging absence lately. The Den has been roaring with activity as we are really settling in to our student life lounge. I think the time is ripe, for more reasons than one, to touch base with you on a very important topic: Residence.

Now, you may be thinking, “Residence? I already applied! No need to convince me!” or perhaps you’re thinking, “Residence? I’m not sure… is it worth it?” Well, future and fellow Glendon Lionhearts, residence is indeed worth it in first year, and I’m proud to say that a number of our visitors to the Den have made their intentions to be campus dwellers known. As the date to apply for residence quickly approaches (1 June), you may want to think of heading over to this site for the application… just saying 🙂

What I would like to give you today are my two main reasons for living in residence and a couple of helpful hints for making residence life your own.

Why I chose Residence #1

Things can get a little crowded without a single room!

        To take advantage of something many other universities don’t offer : A single room! Believe me when I say it makes a lot of difference. When my eldest sister went off to university, she was in a room the same size as a large single at Glendon – except she had to share it! When she came to visit me and saw my room, she was pretty jealous. Glendon students will often forget just how good they have it, but trust me, we have it pretty good. If you’re someone who doesn’t take well to being paired up for a school project, then I assume you probably wouldn’t want to be paired up to share your whole personal life either.

Helpful Hint: Though you’re living alone, you will be sharing the washroom. Things to consider investing in before coming to residence might be a bathrobe and, depending on how many products you use, a small basket. I don’t know about you but I have problems carrying anything in the morning before my coffee, so having something to hold your stuff is a pretty nifty idea.

Having somewhere to go for a nap during the day helps!

Why I chose Residence #2
          To seamlessly integrate into the Glendon community. We all know it, Glendon isn’t the biggestof campuses, and is certainly on the smaller side population-wise, so you probably would think that it can’t be very difficult to get involved and meet people on campus. However, as you can imagine, just like with language learning, full immersion is the best way to learn the ropes of anything, including student life. With less than 5 minutes between classes, your bed, and your social life, there’s almost no reason to miss out on any opportunities on campus. You’ll meet more people, go to more events, and have more time (no commuting!) to join clubs and organizations.

Get Involved!

Helpful Hint: Balance it out! It’s going to be super tempting to try and be everywhere at once, go to every event, and hang out with everyone you know all the time. Just keep in mind, you need to study! Living on campus is the easiest way to keep involved, but make sure to spend some time in the library since you’re so close to it all the time as well 🙂

       Well folks, those are just a couple of my reasons for choosing residence at Glendon. Later this summer , as we get closer to your big day, Move-in, I’ll give some helpful tips on what to bring and to keep in mind!

^Filmed in Wood Residence at Glendon! You can even see the library out the window!

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1 Response to To build a home…

  1. Esther Phua says:

    Awesome post Drew! Great advice as well. The tip about the washrooms is crucial.

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