Memories of the present.

A video dedicated to the hometown love of Rennes created by a girl named Gaëlle. A fantastic, and very personal, view into the city in which I currently reside for my year abroad.

I remember seeing this video long before I came to Rennes, and watching it now is so much different and means so much more. I can now relate to her experience thinking over the memories I have of just these past two months. It will be an interesting feeling to leave one day unsure of whether I’ll ever be back.


About Drew

A student at the bilingual Glendon Campus of York University in Toronto, Canada, I also work as an eAmbassador in Student Recruitment and Applicant Relations. Currently studying Political Science as an international Bachelor of Arts, with a Certificate of Law and Social Thought. Last year, I was on exchange in Rennes, France studying at l'Institut d'études politiques.
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One Response to Memories of the present.

  1. greja2014 says:

    I watched this before leaving too! You’re right, it is really different watching it now…

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