French Immersion Enrolment is Increasing across Canada


As a Glendon student, I’m no stranger to the benefits of bilingualism in Canada’s two official languages. And, as this article from the Globe & Mail shows, these benefits are no secret to parents across the country who are lining up to ensure their children get an education en français. 

For past and current Glendon students, this news probably doesn’t come as a surprise. We chose to work on our language skills for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the prospective of widening our future career aspects. I feel, and I expect many of my fellow students feel, almost as if this is a personal success.


VIA The Globe & Mail. Article by JOE FRIESEN

Some of us went through French immersion on our first day of school and stuck with it to the end. Some of us, like myself, left behind friends and familiarity in changing schools, right in the middle of our education, hoping we were making the right decision. And some of us never went to an immersion school, but have dedicated themselves and worked hard to make the French language a part of their life when entering post-secondary.

For future and prospective Glendon students, this is not only a reassuring sign that you’re making a good choice, but also encouragement to work hard and keep up with your second-language skills. There’s a whole new, and HUGE, generation coming up right behind all of us that will have an ever-beneficial linguistic skill set in the Canadian economy. Let’s consider for a moment what sort of job market graduates are facing today. Who knows what it might look like tomorrow?


VIA The Globe & Mail. Article by JOE FRIESEN

Well, for one thing, the only thing holding French immersion programs back, as cited by the article, is the “lack of capable teachers that restricts the number of immersion places”.

What does this mean for you, as a (potential) Glendon student?

For one thing, it means that you may want to consider Glendon’s bilingual Bachelor of Education, offered both as a concurrent or consecutive program. The program prepares students not only to teach French, but specifically to ensure you graduate qualified to teach in French immersion programs. Think about it, future Lionhearts, your future isn’t too far away!

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4 Responses to French Immersion Enrolment is Increasing across Canada

  1. twospoony says:

    Shouldn’t it be “Keep calm and parlez français”?

    • drewpgl says:

      Oh, most definitely. Unfortunately, this is the quality you get from a quick google search. That and I wasn’t sure how to edit/change it. Ah well.

  2. Megan Sweeny says:

    What a great blog, Drew! I especially enjoyed the part about Glendon’s fabulous BEd French program 🙂 Excellent travail!

  3. LP says:

    Great idea… become a French Immersion teacher!

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