Le Salon Coeur de Lion: What to know before you show

This isn’t just about picking your courses, this is everything and more to get you prepared for your first year.

When you arrive at Glendon (aim for 8:45!) for your enrolment appointment (avec ou sans vos parents – c’est vraiment à vous de décider s’ils vous accompagnent), you’ll be greeted by yours truly in the Lion’s Den. Nous commencerons la journée avec une présentation sur les aspects divers de la vie étudiante universitaire. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you need answered and get tons of resources to take home with you.

Evidently, I was not ready.

Evidently, I was not ready.

Following the first presentation, you’ll head next door to choose your courses, while your folks hang out with me in the Den for another presentation (and *free coffee* – who can say ‘No’ to that?). We’ll go more in-depth about their concerns regarding your transition to university life. Et bien sûr, ils auront l’occasion de me poser des questions sur les services financiers, la sécurité et ce que vous êtes en train de faire avec nos conseillers académiques dans la salle à côté.

What to bring? Du papier et un stylo, au cas où vous voulez prendre des notes. Most importantly, bring a smile to prepare for your student card photo!

Vrai ou faux: You need to come to you appointment knowing all the courses you want to choose, and your choices are permanent!


Nos conseillers académiques vous expliqueront exactement quels cours sont requis, lesquels sont optionnels, et comment les choisir sur internet. No preparation required and you’ll leave your appointment with the know-how to modify to your course schedule if you change your mind.

Pour la majorité des étudiants, la première année universitaire est plutôt générale. We recommend taking a variety of courses to not only satisfy your requirements, but also to experience as much diversity as possible in case you decide later to change your major, add a major or minor, or add a certificate. Il y a énormément de flexibilité pour modifier votre diplôme et donc, il ne faut absolument pas être nerveux ni stressé!

But… what about that enrolment deposit?

If your appointment is before June 1st, you have until June 15th to pay your $300 deposit online. Après le 1er juin, vous avez jusqu’au 15 du mois suivant pour payer (ex. your appointment is the 10th of July, your payment is due the 15th of August). Je vous donnerai plus de renseignements dans le Salon Coeur de Lion sur comment payer les frais de scolarité.

Glendon Campus might be located in a forest in Toronto, but getting here is a whole lot easier than a muggle finding Hogwarts.

No matter whence (adv. From where, what origin) you come, you’ll need to get to the intersection of Bayview Avenue and Lawrence Avenue where the entrance to campus is located.

If you’re driving to campus from outside the city, check out the instructions on our website. Si vous avez des questions , n’hésitez pas à nous contacter. There is parking in the front of campus, mais comme d’habitude à Toronto, il faut payer.

Beaucoup d’étudiants prennent le TTC quand ils viennent au campus, et c’est vraiment une tâche facile. The most popular route is to come from Lawrence Station, and take either the 124 Sunnybrook bus or the 162 Lawrence-Donway. Tous les deux vont vous rendre au même arrêt devant l’entrée au campus. You can also check out the TTC Trip Planner to find a convenient route through the city.

When the stop “306 Lawrence Avenue: York University- Glendon Campus. Toronto French School” chimes, pull the yellow string and hop off. Tournez à gauche, et vous allez voir les arbres de Glendon sur l’autre côté du pont. Allez-y!


Fresh off the bus and headed towards campus!

Enter at the front of the glass building (our Centre of Excellence), and head left. You’ll see our Lion’s Den banner hanging from the second floor, et vous auriez le choix de prendre l’ascenseur ou les escaliers. Once you’re up, the Den is just around the bend.

Enter the front doors...

Enter the front doors…

Take the stairs or elevator...

Take the stairs or elevator…



Turn left down the hall and the Den is the last door on the left!

Turn left down the hall and the Den is the last door on the left!

Note: The elevator may be out of service at some points during the summer. If you have accessibility concerns, don’t hesitate to email us or send me a personal message so we can give alternate directions to the Den or have someone meet you upon arrival!

The summer is long and there’s a lot to ponder, so keep in touch without having to wander.

Restez en contact! I’ll be keeping active on the Lion’s Den Facebook and Twitter accounts (#GL2018) with plenty of updates throughout the summer. Si vous n’êtes pas déjà membre du groupe GL2018 sur Facebook, joignez aussitôt que possible pour rencontrer les autres étudiants et nos ambassadeurs. If you have any questions or concerns about Glendon or your appointment, feel free to tag me (Drew!) when posting in the group for a quick response or send a personal message to the Facebook or Twitter. Naturellement, vous pourrez nous contacter par courriel aussi: lionsden@glendon.yorku.ca. 

À bientôt tout le monde!

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