Glendon Campus

This page is to show off some snazzy videos, cool facts, neat photos, and generally just awesome stuff and useful resources (posted at the bottom) that I come across on the vast internets that are all to do with Glendon Campus! If you have suggestions of things to add feel free to message me about showing it. I’ll post the newest things at the top so you’ll know right away when there’s been an addition made! Enjoy!
Over the summer I got to be a part of a video called “Rediscover Frost Library”. Frost recently underwent some renovations and looks pretty awesome!
Frost is MY library!
Remember this? Kraft Dinner commercial was filmed in Wood Residence! Sorry for the quality of the clip, it was the only one I could find that would embed.
Bravestation filmed their music video for “White Wolves” in the forest surrounding Glendon. One of my friends was going for a run last winter and met them while they were working!


Useful Glendon-related resources (links provided soon!)
  • The Glendon College Student Union
  • Glendon Youtube Channel
  • Pro Tem, Glendon’s bilingual student newspaper
  • Radio Glendon, listen live online!
  • Lunik Co-op Café
  • The Glendon Campus Project
  • Galerie Glendon
  • Glendon Musical Ensemble
  • Théâtre Glendon

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