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Why I took a year off (And why I might do it again!)

Anyone familiar with me is aware of how indecisive I’ve always been. Though I’d love to tell you I’ve gotten better at making a choice and committing to it, I can’t. And if you were to see what it’s like … Continue reading

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An unofficial requirement.

“I study political science….” I respond with reluctance, quite aware of what questions were to follow. “How are you liking it? Are you thinking of doing the MPIA as well?” And to be honest, the past couple of years have … Continue reading

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French Immersion Enrolment is Increasing across Canada

As a Glendon student, I’m no stranger to the benefits of bilingualism in Canada’s two official languages. And, as this article from the Globe & Mail shows, these benefits are no secret to parents across the country who are lining … Continue reading

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It’s life and life only.

One thing that I’ve learned throughout my experience in post-secondary education is that there is a great difference between studying what you love and loving what you study. This is well understood by anyone who has second-guessed the major they … Continue reading

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