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You’re not bored, you’re boring.

On the way back from my most recent visit home, it began to dawn on me (and this wasn’t the first time) that though I often cite the benefits of living in such a large and diverse city as Toronto, … Continue reading

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All I am saying, is give Rez a chance…

One of my oft-repeated phrases when it comes to residence life has been that it makes getting involved and staying engaged on campus so much easier. Something I often tell parents when they approach me with concerns about residence living … Continue reading

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Work in Progress (1/2)

The nine months ended six months ago. Still in France, I once jokingly described to a friend over coffee the nine months we had spent on exchange were the pregnancy in which we developed before going home, reborn. At some … Continue reading

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Timeline of a Voyage Home.

18h00  – I’m at the university to print my boarding pass, do online check in and say final goodbyes to some of my closest friends. The day has been a bit slow, trying to tie up loose ends and make … Continue reading

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The Infamy of French Bureaucracy : My adventures in avoiding deportation

Wednesday afternoon, as I ambled back home from the downtown centre of Rennes from yet another visit to the Centre de Mobilité Internationale, I was contemplating what I could discuss next on my blog. I’ve made brief mentions in past … Continue reading

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It’s life and life only.

One thing that I’ve learned throughout my experience in post-secondary education is that there is a great difference between studying what you love and loving what you study. This is well understood by anyone who has second-guessed the major they … Continue reading

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The holiday of Sunday

“Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” – Susan Ertz  Sundays are an odd thing. Throughout most of my life, Sunday was the dreaded day of the week wherein I would wake … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces of London, UK

When I wrote my post about my trip to London, naturally I wrote more about the adventure than the random details or what was going through my head at the time between the adventure bits. I thought I might mention … Continue reading

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Hard to concentrate.

It’s been one month of living in Rennes, and I can’t quite describe how I feel about that. While this past month seems to have gone by in a hurry, it also feels like it’s been much longer. It seems … Continue reading

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Small adjustments

Random Ramble #4

Accurate depiction of what it’s like to be a vegetarian on exchange in France…

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