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You’re not bored, you’re boring.

On the way back from my most recent visit home, it began to dawn on me (and this wasn’t the first time) that though I often cite the benefits of living in such a large and diverse city as Toronto, … Continue reading

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All I am saying, is give Rez a chance…

One of my oft-repeated phrases when it comes to residence life has been that it makes getting involved and staying engaged on campus so much easier. Something I often tell parents when they approach me with concerns about residence living … Continue reading

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Le Salon Coeur de Lion: What to know before you show

This isn’t just about picking your courses, this is everything and more to get you prepared for your first year. When you arrive at Glendon (aim for 8:45!) for your enrolment appointment (avec ou sans vos parents – c’est vraiment … Continue reading

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Why I took a year off (And why I might do it again!)

Anyone familiar with me is aware of how indecisive I’ve always been. Though I’d love to tell you I’ve gotten better at making a choice and committing to it, I can’t. And if you were to see what it’s like … Continue reading

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An unofficial requirement.

“I study political science….” I respond with reluctance, quite aware of what questions were to follow. “How are you liking it? Are you thinking of doing the MPIA as well?” And to be honest, the past couple of years have … Continue reading

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Work in Progress (1/2)

The nine months ended six months ago. Still in France, I once jokingly described to a friend over coffee the nine months we had spent on exchange were the pregnancy in which we developed before going home, reborn. At some … Continue reading

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Timeline of a Voyage Home.

18h00  – I’m at the university to print my boarding pass, do online check in and say final goodbyes to some of my closest friends. The day has been a bit slow, trying to tie up loose ends and make … Continue reading

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Last weekend was the Last Weekend.

I finished my final exam yesterday*, certain it wouldn’t go well. Fortunately, I proved myself wrong and walked out with a goofy grin and a pleasant high. Though, over a short time, my thoughts began to turn once again to … Continue reading

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Dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light.

Today was Spring. Yesterday was spring too, technically. Today however, was the warmest and sunniest day I believe we’ve seen since… probably October. To celebrate, I thought I might write a bit of a rambling post to go along with … Continue reading

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It’s not the culture difference, it’s your own disorganization. Or is it ?

I returned to the library not more than a half-hour ago in a frustrated huff after yet another (attempted) visit to the Centre de Mobilité internationale. I walked in, dropped my bag and coat on a chair, and turned to … Continue reading

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